It’s the month of LOVE, and you know what that means… it’s time to take some sexy selfies! Whether you have a romantic partner or not, taking sexy selfies can be a fun, subversive, body-positive, vulnerable, authentic, self-loving act, especially when you’re sending it off to someone!

Every time I’ve ever hit send on a text containing a sexy selfie, I’ve felt vulnerable and nervous – will they notice that fat lump that I see so clearly? Will they care? Am I sexy enough for them? Is this too graphic? So many fears! But let’s take the sexy selfie back into being something we do for OURSELVES, to love our bodies and to remind ourselves of just how darn sexy we are. In fact, I challenge you to find a friend who will exchange sexy selfies with you so that you can feel the vulnerability of taking and sending it, and then give each other all of the praise and love for each other’s bodies.

In the meantime, I’ve teamed up with Underclub Co., an undies subscription box, to style their super cute undies and teach you a professional photographer’s perspective on taking the best sexy selfies. It is my job to make women look and feel beautiful after all.

Let’s get into some #buttstuff!


You can style a sexy selfie in so many ways, but the most important question is: what makes you feel sexy? Lingerie? Booty shorts? An oversized sweater? Whatever you answered to that question, do that! You don’t have to wear what everyone else says is sexy. This is about your body and your vibes, so wear whatever makes you feel the like you’re dripping with finesse.

Some of my favorite outfit choices for a sexy selfie are:

  • a lacy panty and bralette set
  • boy short bottoms with nothing on top (just cover up your tatas with your arm to keep it classy – we’ll go over that below!)
  • a high-waisted thong with an oversized sweater that you can pull up for a tantalizing peek-a-boo effect
  • a feminine dress that you can pull up to show off a cute panty underneath (isn’t that every man’s fantasy?)

My personal outlook on undies is to wear them super high up on the hip – as high as they’ll go! This elongates your legs and accentuates the roundness of your butt (get that thicc booty look even if you don’t got the booty). You’ll see in the pics below that I wear all underwear like this, even if the style of underwear isn’t made for it. Another tip: size up! Underwear don’t have to be super flush against your body, and it’s more comfortable AND sexier to have underwear that doesn’t dig into your flesh and cause unnecessary rolls. Undies should accentuate our good parts, not create painful rolls and dips. Oh, and tip number three: try a thong! If you don’t already wear thongs, try them. I swear, they are life changing. It may take a second to get used to having something up your butt, and girl, don’t get a g-string (there are soft, thick, comfortable thongs out there), but thongs will remove panty lines, accentuate your butt, elongate your body, and will make you feel oh so sexy. Although a good pair of booty shorts never hurt anyone either.

Got your outfit down? Good. Let’s move on to posing!


This is a nice elongating sitting pose where you’re hiding all the goods but just barely, making it seem like they could OOPS show at any moment. Lezzz do dis:

  • sit down on the floor in front of a full-length mirror
  • angle your body forward but your legs off to one side
  • bring the knee of the leg closer to the mirror up and bend it, and let the other leg still be bent but much lower
  • point both of your toes!!! (so important)
  • one of your feet will be further forward than the other
  • bring the arm closer to the mirror in to hide your boobies, and put the other arm (and your weight) behind you
  • make sure you’re turned enough so that your crotch is just on the edge of showing, but isn’t
  • make sure you’re leaning your weight back far enough to hide your other boobie
  • push your butt out on the side where the camera can see it – you’ll end up pulling the heel of that foot up a bit off the floor because your weight will be on the other butt cheek
  • now tilt your head over so your hair is flowing down the butt side
  • you can hide some of your face behind your phone for more mystery (so dang mysterious!)

This pose is amazing because it’ll accentuate an hourglass figure on every body.

  • sit in front of a full-length mirror again, but this time face away from it
  • your body will be facing exactly away from the mirror, not angled in either direction
  • bend your knees and sit your butt down onto your legs, so your feet are folded under your butt – it’s ok if you can’t sit all the way, you can still do this pose even if your butt isn’t touching your feet
  • turn to whichever side of your face you find more flattering (we all have that one side we like more, ugh) – that’s the side that you’ll be showing
  • push your butt out backwards and arch your lower back – your torso will move forward a bit but try to keep it back and above your butt as much as possible while maintaining the butt out and back arch
  • put your phone up to the side you prefer and turn your head in that direction as well
  • you can hide the other arm in front of you so it’s out of the photo
  • make sure your hair is gliding down your back behind you (if you have long hair)
  • angle your face a bit forward and up so your jawline is like BAM
  • keep your shoulder down
  • point your toes
  • enjoy that peach girl!

No mirror needed for this one! It’s just you, your butt, and a sexy angle. Simple and effective.

  • hold your phone out in front of you (I hold mine upside down to make it easier to click the camera button)
  • put all of your weight on one leg and stick your butt out far on that same side (see a theme? 😉
  • put the other leg out to the side a bit, turned out so your inner thigh is showing
  • suck in your stomach and tighten your abs!
  • cover your boobies with your free arm, making sure to come at them from below so you push up and in to create a nice underboob vibe
  • cut off the top of your face with the camera angle and leave your lips open because you ready for dem kisses

Phew, let’s go back to something easy after that last one. This is just a nice reminder that hey, I may be wearing a sweater, but there’s something sexy waiting underneath.

  • stand with your back to a full length mirror
  • put all of your weight onto the back leg and stick your butt out on the same side
  • put your other leg far out in front of you and bend it a little at the knee, and point. that. toe
  • bring the hand that isn’t taking the photo up in front of your boobies, out of the photo (if you’re feeling extra saucy, put a finger in the mouth or over your lips)
  • now make a sexy face (there’s that tongue again, but you can also just open your mouth a bit and/or pout those lips) and shoot a selfie over your shoulder with half face and half body visible

PHEW WE DID IT. Now that you know how, grab those cute undies and shoot some sexy selfies girlfriend! And send them send them send them!

If you’re feeling SUPER daring, add that sexy photo to your Instagram posts or stories and tag me @juliaotest and @underclubco so we can share your beauties!!!

Whether you have a partner or not, celebrate your self and your sexiness today and every day.

Head to Julia’s Blog for more poses!

Love always xx