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What are the three words that best capture you? Curious, Creative, Driven

What gets you out of bed in the morning? My 2-year-old daughter.

In your words, what is The Little Bra Company and what is its mission? The Little Bra Company makes attractive lingerie that fits and flatters a smaller/petite body type. Our mission is to give women in this smaller size range a complete bra wardrobe that fits them better and makes them feel great from the inside out.

When was the moment you knew you had to create The Little Bra Company? I started The Little Bra Company because I couldn’t find any attractive bras that fit my smaller frame and chest. The bras that fit better looked like training bras, and the ones that were sexier did not fit quite right.

What was your biggest doubt before starting The Little Bra Company? Did I make the right decision to leave a job I loved? It was difficult to cut the “golden handcuffs” off at first, but it was the best decision I ever made.

What parts of yourself are reflected in the soul of the company? I name every bra after a friend or family member who has supported or inspired me on this journey. I could not have built this company without them, and therefore, I am grateful every day for this opportunity to make and share a product that I am proud of.


About your collection

Why should women wear your lingerie (or who should wear your lingerie)?

 I believe just like full-figured or larger-chested women deserve a better-fitting bra, so do the smaller breasted women. Bras are one of the first things a woman puts on her body in the day, and most likely no matter what size she is, she wears a bra every day. It is one of the most emotional garments in a women’s wardrobe, so she should feel good about it, and most importantly, feel good in it. A misconception about bras for smaller-chested women is that they don’t need to have any support. On the contrary, I believe that bras for our smaller body type need to have support in the right places in order for the bras to stay in place and to create a little curve when wanted.

What do you want women to feel when they wear your lingerie?

I want them to feel uplifted (in all senses of the word).

Describe the woman you have in mind when you design a collection.

I pay attention to customer  feedback and my customers inspire each new collection. Petite women have been underserved in the intimate apparel market for so many years, so I think it is important to pay attention to their needs and wants. The petite shopper is savvy, creative and vocal. She hunts for the right fit and when she finds it, she is very loyal.

What body types best fit with your collections (tops and bottoms)?

While most bra companies scale down based on a larger average body type, The Little Bra Company, scales based on a petite body type. (Note: The petite customer in the intimate apparel world is not necessarily just 5’4″ and under. We have taller customers who happen to have a smaller band and/or cup size.) Therefore, when designing bras for The Little Bra Company, we size based on a petite body type. Just like a petite pant may fit a petite customer better, our bras fit a smaller-framed, smaller-chested customer better.

What makes The Little Bra Company different from other lingerie companies?

We design our bras specifically for a smaller body type, and spend time to understand her fit and style needs. We don’t just scale from an average size range. We take into consideration her specific proportions to make a bra that fits and flatters.