Welcome back from the long weekend! July 4th, the national holiday known best for barbecues, fireworks and summer fun. We come together each year to celebrate our country’s independence, but what about your own independence? The freedom and responsibility that come with adulthood in our own lives tend to be something we casually age into rather than heroically declare, but regardless of our path to independence, with the greatness of adult freedom comes adult responsibilities.

Whether you need some motivation to get back on the horse after the long weekend or you are looking for extra tips to jumpstart the game that’s already on point, here are our 6 ways to make adulting a little easier.


1. Make your bed. Let’s start with where your day starts. Although it may seem like an additional chore, making your bed every morning has been shown to increase productivity, create feelings of accomplishment, and even promote your level of happiness– a big gain in exchange for a few extra minutes of tidying up. Pro tip: check out The Lazy Gal’s Guide to Making the Bed.


2. Write it down. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that accompany adulthood. Recording important goals and deadlines ahead of time can help prioritize tasks for the week, and ensure that you never forget an appointment, meeting or date. The power of technology makes following a schedule even easier. We’re firm believers in Google Calendar to keep track of our schedules across devices, but if you prefer the old fashioned feeling of writing dates down, we’re obsessed with these notebooks from Minted.


3. Snack smart. Eating whatever you want, whenever you want it, is one of the best things about being an adult, and also one of the hardest things to manage when looking for something tasty and fast and healthy. Knowing a few go-to options you can reach for that are good for your body and mind is key. Studies show that eating brain foods rich in antioxidants, good fats and vitamins (including berries and dark chocolate), can help improve focus, reaction time, motivation and memory, while decreasing stress and slowing the aging of brain cells.


4. Treat yo self. Adulting is hard. Taking time to reward yourself can help make it more worthwhile. Planning rewards make people more motivated, help them stick to a certain goal, avoid procrastination, and follow a schedule more closely, while leading to greater levels of overall happiness. Set goals for yourself. Once you accomplish those goals, indulge. You’ve earned the right to reward yourself.


5. Say “no” to multitasking. At first glance, multitasking seems like an obvious solution to the many requirements of adulthood. Unfortunately, switching from one task to another has been shown to deplete your energy reserves, drain your ability to focus and can cause a task to take twice as long to accomplish. Instead, dedicate yourself to one activity, whether it’s cleaning your house, exercising or completing your work for a few hours, then schedule a 15-minute break to make a cup of tea, tune out on Instagram, or read an article. You’ll burn through your responsibilities more quickly and will have more energy once you’re finished.


6. Look the part. No matter how uncertain you may be feeling, a little confidence goes a long way. Feeling self-assured in your wardrobe choices can inspire you to act more responsibly, and every great outfit starts with your underwear. Although you can’t depend on your mom to buy them for you anymore, Underclub can help turn the chore of underwear shopping into a treat, delivering a beautiful pair of underwear customized to your style preferences every month.