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This month, we’re celebrating women in all different stages of their lives: brides-to-be, farewell-bidding bachelorettes, newlyweds, and mamas of all ages. With wedding season and Mother’s Day right around the corner, shower your loved ones with our thoughtful gifts. 

First comes love… A woman bringing her relationship to the next level should do the same for her underwear collection. Although typically reserved for bridal showers, intimates are also ideal for engagement parties (since future hubbies will equally enjoy) and bachelorette parties—why spend money on cheap, embarrassing options when you can make her blush with luxe styles she’ll love to wear?

Then marriage… The honeymoon phase will eventually come to an end, but sexy surprises don’t have to. An underwear subscription, tailored to her tastes, will keep the spark alive month after month.

Then baby carriage. Mothers know best, and they deserve to feel their best. The underwear drawer doesn’t have to take a beating after having kids. Help the moms in your life upgrade to feel-good undies that are conveniently delivered right to their doors.

Give a gift now.