Our final installment in the #FemaleFounder Series features Underclub’s very own #GirlBoss, Katie Fritts! It’s been an exciting year for Katie, as the Underclub family – the team and subscribers – have grown and the brand has seen a many new developments, including the launch of The #Undervention (the brand’s first video). The Virginia native started her first business at age 7 selling her own artwork from her driveway and by going from door to door. Given her early signs of tenacious work ethic, it is unsurprising that Katie did absolutely everything herself when she first started Underclub – from packing each pair of underwear to cutting envelope liners! Today she is still incredibly hands on. Scroll for more on Underclub’s founder…

Our Top 3 Questions with Katie Fritts

What are your essentials for a productive day?

Getting a workout in! Going on a run or taking a class in the morning (or knowing that I have one to look forward to) is vital for me to take a mental break and focus on something entirely different. Working on my own company means there’s always something I can be doing, so there’s always something on my mind. Making sure I fit in an hour where my attention is focused on nailing a perfect (enough) plank or skipping over potholes on the street is the perfect distraction for me.

What was the best piece of advice you were ever given? 

To write down your accomplishments and what you’re proud of– don’t just take a mental note! It’s surprisingly easy to remember the “needs improvement” feedback and disregard all the great stuff. It’s super important for me to love what I’m doing, and it can definitely be stressful at times! Writing and referencing my list helps me put things into perspective during particularly strenuous times.

Describe your first feeling of success.

Really early on into starting Underclub, a writer from Cosmopolitan reached out to our generic Underclub email asking to pitch the idea to their editor for their Holiday Gift Guide- at the time I thought it was a prank or joke from a friend. Turns out it was real, and the next month (after performing a major website overhaul), we were up in their “Top Gifts to Give Yourself”! Huge confirmation of my idea after that happened.

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